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Hegel.net - Info page

About us:

Our mission statement can be found here

How to use the Hegel.net site:

With the large triangle you can move through the scientific universal system of Hegel:
Click on the center of the triangles = move one level higher.
Click on one of the 3 side triangles = move one level deeper.

Eight colors mark the different levels.
At the ninth step, the colors start repeating.

Question marks and square braquets indicate expansions that we made.

The middle of the triangle is the current topic.

Right beside the triangle you find the function "contributions",
clicking on it leads you to the "article list"
on which all contributions are systematically listed.

Pressing the "F11" key on the keyboard (in MS IE)
changes the site display to the complete screen size (and back).

Feedback, Help:

We like to hear your Comments, Questions, Articles etc!
Please tell us, when you see errors or typos !
We need your help to correct our translation!
When in doubt, please consult the German version.

Hegel.net Publisher:

Kai Froeb
D-81379 München (Munich)

responsible editor (for this english version):

Kai Froeb, Munich (München), Germany

translators (for this english version):

Maurizio Canfora, Luxemburg (Biography, FAQ)
Kai Froeb, Munich (München), Germany
Paul Trejo, USA (Biography, FAQ)


Martin Grimsmann
Lutz Hansen


Peter-Anton von Arnim
Thomas Bauer
Maurizio Canfora
Wolfgang Neuser

Links to other Hegel sites:

Hegel Wiki
Andy Blunden's Hypertext
Hegel Society of America: 
Owl of Minerva: 
Annette Schlemm's pages on Dialectics
Many more Hegel links...

Thanks to:

Stefan Sy
Andy Blunden (Australia)
Eva Marquardt

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