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List of Articles - ordered systematicaly


P32 - absolute Knowledge [Science]

- The knowledge of the absolute truth (T.Bauer)


0 - System of Science

- Enyclopedia Britannica 1911 (Encyclopedia Britannica)
- The Hegel Myths and Legends (John Stewart)
- Against Popper's Hegel critique (Walter Kaufmann)
- Illustrated Hegel Biography (Canfora/Froeb)
- Hegel FAQ (most frequent asked questions) (Canfora/Froeb)
- New: Illustration of the speculative method in the triangle (Grimsmann/Hansen)
- New: The speculative method in the System (Grimsmann/Hansen)
- System-representation (Grimsmann/Hansen)


1 - Logic (Thinking of Thinking, Sience of Science)

- Hegel's Logic (overview from EB1911) (Encyclopedia Britannica 1911)


1.3 - Concept (Notion / Logos / Comprehension, Begriff)

- Sublation (Froeb) - Judgement (division of Subject and Object)

- Jugdment poster (Grimsmann/Hansen) - Syllogism

- Syllogism poster (Grimsmann/Hansen)


2 - Nature (science of matter)

- Hegel's Philosophy of Nature (overview from EB1911) (Encyclopedia Britannica 1911) - Orbits of Planets

- Hegel and the planets (Ceres) (Neuser/Froeb)
- New: Planet Orbits (Hegel's dissertation) (D. Healan) - Color

- veryfication of Goethe (G/H)


3 - Spirit/Mind (Science of humanities)

- Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit/Mind (overview) (Froeb)
- Hegel's Philosophy of Spirit/Mind (overview from EB1911) (Encyclopedia Britannica 1911)


3.1 - subjective Spirit/Mind (Science of the inner Human)

- Hegel's Philosophy of Subjective Spirit/Mind (overview) (Encyclopedia Britannica 1911)


3.2 - objective Spirit/Mind (Science of the interpersonal)

- Hegel's Philosophy of Objective Spirit/Mind (overview) (Encyclopedia Britannica 1911)


3.2.3 - Ethical Life (human life, Sittlichkeit)

- FAQ - Hegel and politics (Canfora/Froeb) - International law

- Didn't Hegel glorify War? (Canfora)
- United or souvereign Nations? (Grimsmann/Hansen) - World History

- Books on Philosophy of History (Froeb)
- Didn't Hegel say the modern age is the End of History? (Canfora/Froeb)
- World history poster (Grimsmann/Hansen)


3.3 - absolute (divine) Spirit/Mind (that knows itself and its goal)

- Hegel's Philosophy of Absolute Spirit/Mind (overview) (Froeb)
- Hegel's Philosophy of Absolute Spirit/Mind (overview from EB1911) (Encyclopedia Britannica 1911)


3.3.1 - Art (seeing the truth, Aesthetics)

- Hegel's Philosophy of Fine Art (overview from EB1911) (Encyclopedia Britannica 1911)
- Didn't Hegel declare that Art is Dead? (Canfora)


3.3.2 - Religion (representation of the truth, Theology)

- Hegel's Philosophy of Religion (overview from EB1911) (Encyclopedia Britannica 1911)


3.3.3 - Philosophy (comprehension of the truth)

- Hegel's History of Philosophy (overview from EB1911) (Encyclopedia Britannica 1911)
- Didn't Hegel see the history of Philosophy coming to its conclusion with himself alone? (Canfora/Froeb) - Antique (knowledge of the idea)

- philosophy of antiquity poster (Grimsmann/Hansen) - Hegel (absolute idealism)

- Illustrated Hegel Biography V. 1.07.06 (Canfora/Froeb)
- Hegel Gallery (Froeb)
- Hegel (1770-1731) and his time - Timeline 1748-1841 (Froeb)
- Hegel and contemporaries (Graphical Timeline) (Grimsmann/Hansen)
- Hegel's contemporaries (Froeb)
- Hegel reception worldwide (Froeb)

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